New York Yarns


Breed-specific yarns from independent farms right here in New York State!

Currently featured in 50 and 100 g skeins:

Coopworth-Texel cross (3-plysport/DK)

Corriedale (3-ply sport; 50 g skeins only)

Romney (3-ply worsted/heavy worsted)

Cormo-Merino cross (3-ply sport/DK)

Bluefaced Leicester-Wensleydale cross (3-ply fingering)

Try out some new breeds without a major commitment! Five 50-gram skeins (one of each breed) make for a New York Naturals Sampler for $55.00.

Choose two 100-gram skeins (both the same breed) for $40.00, saving you $4.00.

P.S. 99% of the photos in the shop were provided by Myra at DENKO IMAGING. Can you tell that the photos on this page were taken by me instead? Yeah. It's best to leave these things to the professionals!


  • 50 g - 24 in stock
  • 50 g mixed (two or more, dyed and/or natural, must be different breeds) - 47 in stock
  • 100g - 22 in stock