Romney, Corriedale, BFL, and more


Here you'll find a variety of breed-specific yarns; some dyed, some not; some kitted up and some not. Skeins are in varying sizes, so you're bound to find something to try. "Undyed natural" refers to the creamy tone of the skein, color-wise.

Wensleydale/Bluefaced Leicester cross: blended with a little Merino for strength when it was spun, this is about 575 yards/150 g of laceweight in two skeins (a 100g and a 50g). Very dark brown/nearly black undyed 2-ply.

Coopworth/Texel cross sock kit: one approximately 220 yard/ skein, 100-g 3-ply skein of undyed natural Coopworth/Texel cross, with a half-skein of red or blue Coop-Tex for the heel and toe. Enough to make a sturdy size medium sock, with enough left over to go bigger (no promises on how much bigger!).

Corriedale: undyed natural skeins of approximately 95 yards/50 grams, 3-ply. Two will make a simple hat, like Tincanknits' Barley. Four would get you the hat and Tincanknits' Maize fingerless mitts, too!

Bluefaced Leicester: this is the last of a friend's daughter's last clip from her 4-H herd. Alas, the daughter has gone to college, so the herd is no more. Please buy this before I decide I have to keep it! Undyed natural skeins are approximately 275 yards/100g, 3-ply.

Romney: custom-spun for Spencer Hill from small farms across New York State. Undyed natural skeins are approximately 140 yards/100g and are a very lofty 3-ply.

Romney half-skeins: what it says on the tin. Approximately 70 yards/50 g of the same yarn as the 100 g skein.

Romney minis: the sport-weight version of the 140 g skeins, these cute little approximately 50 yards/25 grams of 3-ply Romney are great for colorwork knitting, or punchneedle embroidery. Available in several colors; please contact me for more information. NB: this is not the same yarn as the undyed Romney listed above. It's a smaller skein and a finer yarn.


  • Wensleydale/BFL cross - 2 in stock
  • Coopworth/Texel cross socks (red heel) - 3 in stock
  • Coopworth/Texel cross socks (blue heel) - 1 in stock
  • Corriedale - 15 in stock
  • Bluefaced Leicester - 8 in stock
  • Romney natural 100 g skeins - 34 in stock
  • Romney natural 50 g skeins - 5 in stock
  • Romney sportweight dyed minis - 59 in stock